Highlight Networks Inc.

Diversified Holdings,

       Specific Results  

Highlight creates and acquires businesses and assets that have a high probability of rapid growth, spin out, and dividend.   The Company reviews new acquisition and development opportunities across multiple industries on a daily basis.

Acquire, Build, Create

Highlight is a publicly traded nevada company symbol HNET


"Highlight specializes in the cash purchasing of commercial business assets ranging from old computers and telecom to close out inventory and equipment".  

Our current operating subsidiary EZ Recycling Inc. has been developed organically to provide the US market with efficient and environmentally clean recycling operations focused on electronic waste ("e-waste") The growing dependence on electronics - computers, cell phones, tablets, and numerous other gadgets has given rise to the need for environmentally responsible disposal.  the operation of EZ includes recycling, refining, information eradication, metals trading, and asset management. The most significant and profitable aspect of the e-waste recycling business is the extraction and refining of precious metal content including gold, silver, palladium, and copper. There are other significant recoverables like rare earth minerals that add to the value of the waste stream. An average cell phone is made up of 23% of these valuable materials by weight. 

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